Participating Businesses

Expectations for Participating Business Owners 

Communicate with the Art Walk Committee in regards to participation and who your guest artist will be 2 weeks prior to the Art Walk date.  If you are going to participate in ALL the Art Walk dates, get on the “always” list. 

Initial sign-up through our business application. You will then be added to the Art Walk Instagram Message to communicate monthly participation, hosting, passport pick-ups, and raffle drop-offs. 

Business Application


You must have a guest artist in order to be on the Art Walk map for that month. (Guest Artist definition: Art can take MANY forms. You can have an artist who has original artwork on display, or who is doing a demonstration, or even performance art, musical art.  It would be best to have the artist present to discuss their art during the Art Walk timeframe, or someone who can discuss the art.  It is important to showcase a new artist each month. We have a spreadsheet of artists if you are having trouble finding one.  Let the Art Walk committee know and we can give you access.) 



One week before the Art Walk date, contribute anything from your store/business that is at least $10 in value or more.  These can be taken to Munchies Market anytime they are open. Or they can be taken directly to the *HOST business for that month.



Cross-promote your artist, other downtown businesses, and Salem Art Walk (@salemartwalk). This can be done before-hand and during the Art Walk. Let’s get people downtown!



Stamp passports when people come by your business, hand them out and encourage patrons to visit other businesses. Have someone available to talk about the Art Walk as a whole and explain what it is and why it is valuable.


Participate in the ENTIRE 5 pm – 8 pm time frame. Stay open until 8 pm.



Once the Art Walk is over, if you have received any completed passports, get these to the HOST business by Wednesday after (at the latest) to include in the drawing. 


Salem Art Walk is committed to an environment free from discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment. Participating businesses, artists, and visitors shall be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or religion.  If there is a business that fails to uphold the above expectations or is acting in a manner that does not align with Salem Art Walk values, the Art Walk committee may decide, at their discretion, to remove that business from the Art Walk business venue list.

Art Department Art Class Rachel Wood, Salem Artist Evin Foss Ernie&Gray 3Generations of women Art Department, Salem Oregon

Sign Up:

Read through the Expectations and Sign-up. You will then be added to the Art Walk Instagram Message to communicate monthly participation, hosting, passport pick-ups, and raffle drop-offs. 


If you are a business that wants to stay open every first Friday, but may want to close early, or NOT host an artist – we encourage you to do so! You just won’t be on the map.  But the more downtown businesses open every First Friday, the better.

Hosting Business

If you would like to be the HOST business doing the drawing, let the Art Walk committee know and you will be put on the list for the next available spot.  HOSTS are to highlight the raffle items the week prior to the Art Walk to entice customers to come down and participate.  Once all passports are collected (feel free to send out a reminder via the Art Walk Instagram Message, hold a drawing for the raffle items and post/announce a winner the week following the Art Walk. Ensure you are acknowledging all the businesses who contributed to the raffle.